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Conturds, why do you think a racist rant is ok?    05/21/18  (76)
Haha wow holy shit, just got MONKEY'S PAWED by a tinder chick lmao (DDC)    05/21/18  (66)
Fordham law prof: MS-13 only responsible for 0.3% of all US murders    05/21/18  (66)
My dealer won't leave me alone    05/21/18  (65)
The Gangnam WGWAG Playboy Chronicles (V)    05/21/18  (51)
Im an old and routinely date young girls - anything else is shrew flame    05/21/18  (43)
CAC ITT taking Qs & giving ratings    05/21/18  (42)
Guy on twitter in the know says OIG report on Clinton Investigation is disappoin    05/21/18  (32)
bought 2 Aero Precision lowers and a 7 shot model 686 4"    05/21/18  (28)
What does this Netflix Obama deal even mean? Obama will "produce" content? How?    05/21/18  (28)
Anyone decided to quit adderall entirely because of the side effects?    05/21/18  (24)
Black Eyed Peas singles from the 00's are just shamefully bad    05/21/18  (24)
Anyone else here hate "art"?    05/21/18  (24)
Resolved: Archetypal Perfect-10 is Scarlet Liethold's head on Alexis Ren's body    05/21/18  (23)
Where can I find a cool wedding band (ring)?    05/21/18  (22)
Rate her (SFW)    05/21/18  (22)
Best Los Angeles suburbs?    05/21/18  (21)
Female coworker thinks Leo Dicaprio dates 20 year olds because hes intimitated    05/21/18  (17)
Any Bros used to run outside during heavy downpours & thunder showers in summer    05/21/18  (17)
Is there anything worse than a "basic bitch" ?    05/21/18  (17)
How do I prepare for the downfall of the USA? Where should I put my money?    05/21/18  (16)
Tekashhi 6ix9ine is smart as fuck. (link)    05/21/18  (16)
Harvard to host "black only" graduation ceremony    05/21/18  (16)
anyone catch that ninja show on HBO last night? pretty good    05/21/18  (16)
Why dont more people get art done on the sides of their cars, vans.Like real art    05/21/18  (15)
This Jogurt queer needs to be deported to his native India ASAP    05/21/18  (15)
Who would have ever thought xo would survive longer than TLS?    05/21/18  (15)
anyone noticed pop culture increasingly seeks to label things 'awkward'    05/21/18  (14)
Why hasnt Queen Elizabeth abidcated yet? JFC her son is gonna die soon    05/21/18  (13)
who is this mana and sheela queer    05/21/18  (13)
lol cucking yourself with "Netflix" tttrash! read a book!    05/21/18  (13)
Urbanbaby moms discuss COCK SIZE    05/21/18  (13)
Travelmos: anything to do in Ireland?    05/21/18  (13)
As an ex Trumptard, it feels so much better to no longer be an enemy of society    05/21/18  (12)
How long after eating blueberries is it safe to eat dairy    05/21/18  (12)
nba is the worst product in sport. every single game is a blowout    05/21/18  (11)
Should I get a smart lock for my house or is this GC flame?    05/21/18  (11)
I've concluded two things: you guys suck and are shitty parkers    05/21/18  (11)
Top 3 posters: Charles, RSF, nyuug. Bottom 3: Obeezy, WLMAS, Julia    05/21/18  (10)
youngblood Jaggers walking through streets of Ginza, "holy shit NYUUG was right"    05/21/18  (10)
Hooray! Another dog-related airline money grab!    05/21/18  (10)
What is the credited, xo approved fasting site/plan/instruction guide    05/21/18  (10)
Just bet $8500 on Celtics to win    05/21/18  (10)
hardest lesson of adulthood: perception matters more than reality    05/21/18  (10)
jag versus PP    05/21/18  (10)
lol quitting Netflix gets XO lib children riled up    05/21/18  (9)
How do you become less boring and soulless after years in biglaw or corporate?    05/21/18  (9)
Is it a neg to tell a 28 year old chick she looks like Kelly Clarkson?    05/21/18  (9)
BS your "man" is a punk ass bitch. I'd make him swallow my piss in front of you.    05/21/18  (9)