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lets be autists and rank queen songs    12/16/17  (28)
eastern europeans keep a CARP in their bath tubs for 1 week before christmas    12/16/17  (24)
There must be some kind of way out of here, said pepito to luis    12/16/17  (20)
4 am roll call    12/16/17  (15)
My gf has been stealing from me. Left a trap out to catch her and she took it    12/16/17  (12)
180 bro just repeats "180" over & over in a burger king (link)    12/16/17  (12)
theres gotta be some way out of here said the joker to the thief    12/16/17  (11)
Mueller is literally bombing Frankfurt with subpoenas    12/16/17  (10)
better skill to have: SLEIGHT OF HAND or THROWING YOUR VOICE?    12/16/17  (10)
rare photo of christmas carp tp found    12/16/17  (9)
dem feels. they really suck.    12/16/17  (9)
Found a vid of charlie brown tp (click before mods delete)    12/16/17  (8)
nice thing about being otherworldly: status games of others don't weigh on you.    12/16/17  (8)
i love xoxo so much bc no matter now retarded i am or life is, its still there,    12/16/17  (8)
Under pressureeee    12/16/17  (8)
what % of hot chicks have ever used bittorrent?    12/16/17  (8)
got my kid to refill my coffee cup by telling him Santa was watching    12/16/17  (7)
"ONE HUNDRED AND AIEGHTYYYY" as peterman takes 180cm of cock in Waterloo station    12/16/17  (7)
polish SHITLIBS coming after CHRISTMAS CARP (link)    12/16/17  (7)
Amazon has become so shitty.    12/16/17  (7)
Lib friend insists king and queen mattresses are the same size    12/16/17  (6)
2nd cousin: "Don't I look dorky in these glasses?" (pic)    12/16/17  (6)
CSLG lasertags your door "HEY I PAID 500K IN TAXES DID U KNOW THAT"    12/16/17  (6)
Roy "I Love the Constitution" Moore didn't know what DACA was    12/16/17  (6)
"you want carp means from everyone?" Gary Oldman: "EVERRRRYYYYONEEE"    12/16/17  (6)
Moore campaign spokesman thinks elected officials must swear on a bible    12/16/17  (6)
Proof of Christmas miracles: 180 dart videos discovered today    12/16/17  (6)
ITT you name a better 'modern' song than "all along the watchtower"    12/16/17  (6)
charlie brown youre 180 <3    12/16/17  (6)
my only friend through teenage nights    12/16/17  (6)
hi, im brian may and im an astrophysicist in my spare time    12/16/17  (6)
*turns now fairly powerful lense inwardly onto childhood, experiences, self*    12/16/17  (6)
Final GOP tax bill actually 180 for me/solo attorneys. FUCKS wage cucks    12/16/17  (5)
A jacked nude turdskin howling "ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY" into the wind    12/16/17  (5)
Video from 1991 of live carp in MC Hammer's limo hot tub    12/16/17  (5)
I dont feel like texting my gf    12/16/17  (5)
Subtle Hipster Troll is the best deep night crew poster of all time    12/16/17  (5)
there must be some kind of way outta here, said the joker to the mod    12/16/17  (5)
*is a mod* *deletes all the retarded threads ive made*    12/16/17  (5)
LOL at joyless sad sacks who hate Star Wars    12/16/17  (4)
Chalk outline around Christmas carp pinned to dartboard - 180.    12/16/17  (4)
Truckers taking turns shooting wet spaghetti ropes at Petermans boiseye from 8ft    12/16/17  (4)
"those aren't mountains. theyre carp memes."    12/16/17  (4)
*raises binoculars* "In the distance. It's coming. A new shit meme about carp."    12/16/17  (4)
David "Mario" Lemieux calling out whokebe in the post fight interview    12/16/17  (4)
ITT we lament that Hendrix died so young and we were robbed of his music    12/16/17  (4)
all we hear is xoxo gaga    12/16/17  (4)
Glad the final tax bills retains the estate tax, albeit doubling    12/16/17  (3)
it was fun as fuck trolling the dorks in the Thtar Warsth theater last night    12/16/17  (3)