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IT oopsie leads to the execution of dozens of CIA assets    08/16/18  (73)
i would like to take some qs on being a middle aged asian woman    08/16/18  (44)
Tucker just named global capitalism    08/16/18  (35)
I drank 4 16 oz. Miller Lites in 50 minutes during lunch today    08/16/18  (30)
Manafort Judge: "Reasonable doubt is a doubt based on reason". Error?    08/16/18  (27)
so every airline is charging for a fucking CARRYON now?    08/16/18  (26)
Mormons: "Don't call us Mormons."    08/16/18  (23)
taking q's or giving q's ITT, right now, for a few minutes (Carl Spackler)    08/16/18  (22)
When I see Chloe Sevigny naked, I really can't blame Casper for sleepsexing her    08/16/18  (21)
Invited Jew To Shabbat Dinner. Here's His List Of Allergies.    08/16/18  (20)
Qatar (QR) lounge game has gone WAY downhill    08/16/18  (20)
You can fuck 100 women, but they all blur into memories and u have nothing (DTP)    08/16/18  (18)
My Chrad roommate is literally entertaining a 5 upstairs    08/16/18  (17)
why is Alex Jones afraid to name the Jew?    08/16/18  (17)
Got last minute invited to black tie charity event tomorrow. How get tux?    08/16/18  (16)
LJL real estate closing tomorrow and my idiot partner "forgot" to get mortgage    08/16/18  (15)
LOL at deadlifting or squatting 200+ lb being natural/healthy/normal/ok (DTP)    08/16/18  (15)
Any justification for NYU med's Tuition for All! program other than gaming USNWR    08/16/18  (14)
Thursday Night Tinychat -- Entertain me while I work late....    08/16/18  (13)
I secretly wanna date a happy relaxed fat girl & enjoy junk foods & get fat (DTP    08/16/18  (13)
Why are women wearing those yoga pants with sheer cutouts now    08/16/18  (13)
ITT tell me about your least favorite uncle.    08/16/18  (13)
What's the cr floor option: Hardwood, carpet, or tile?    08/16/18  (13)
browsing through a UK academic's twitter makes me want to blow my brains out    08/16/18  (13)
Protip: look up moreIve seen a shooting star 3 nights in the past 8 nights    08/16/18  (12)
does *mother* earth have a pussy and if so where is it located?    08/16/18  (12)
So 1g vapes last like a week but 500mg only lasts 1-2 days. explain    08/16/18  (12)
if you dont have free speech the entire thing is gone    08/16/18  (12)
Steve Sailer > xoxo > Charles > Tucker > Masses    08/16/18  (11)
Remember in the 90s when society's freaks were laughed at on Jerry Springer    08/16/18  (11)
Why do ppl keep buying NEW car's? Car's have been the same since the 1990s    08/16/18  (11)
DTP taking questions here (8/16/2018)    08/16/18  (10)
When are we going to see a Fight Club style movement?    08/16/18  (10)
Really funny to see intelligent poasters get irate about American politics    08/16/18  (10)
Book Report: Sapiens: A Brief History of HumanKind    08/16/18  (9)
just gave kid a pack of pop rocks, blew his mind out completely    08/16/18  (9)
ITT: Predict the size of the BLUE WAVE    08/16/18  (9)
Anyone licensed in Guam? I have an injury case for you (CSLG)    08/16/18  (9)
Who the fuck doesn't own a tux? That's legit prole as fuck.    08/16/18  (8)
PSA: Vitamix do NOT have lifetime warranties    08/16/18  (8)
Thin lips. Yellowed teeth. Wine breath. Crows feet. Frequent urinary tract infec    08/16/18  (8)
these jews are way too fucking smart now, hang it up goys    08/16/18  (8)
Luis loves my flat stomach and my tight spinner bod    08/16/18  (7)
RATE Djoker's New Racket (VID) #tennis    08/16/18  (7)
What's the status of North Korean denuclearization?    08/16/18  (7)
it was just a coincidence that George W Bush was on live TV on 9/11    08/16/18  (7)
disney to remake lars von triers antichrist within the goof troop universe    08/16/18  (7)
every product talks about having a fucking "community" now    08/16/18  (7)
Obama vacationed in hawaii while his FBI became organized crime syndicate?    08/16/18  (6)
Tale of Two Blondes (pics) - ranking?    08/16/18  (6)