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Kavanaugh: "I Will Not Be Intimidated Into Withdrawing" By "Smears" And "Vi    09/24/18  (144)
Donny, consider this a cease and desist. Although i was clear in the past i am r    09/24/18  (63)
Kavanaugh with wife on FOX (vid)    09/24/18  (62)
The history of Byzantium is sad. Just slow, painful retreat into Constantinople    09/24/18  (45)
Averageing 100 drinks a week at this point. Might get kicked off the couch.    09/24/18  (36)
Spaceporn threatening to sue random poasters. Should be banned.    09/24/18  (34)
If Kavanaugh is confirmed, it will be a tipping point in the fight vs. libs    09/24/18  (30)
Trump wincing at Kav's 'I was a virgin' bombshell    09/24/18  (26)
NYT: btw, *NOT* having Old White Men question Ford is ALSO sexist!    09/24/18  (26)
Kavanaugh will say he was a virgin until he was 20    09/24/18  (25)
Republicans Have A Simple Choice: Vote To Confirm Kavanaugh Or Get Slaughtered I    09/24/18  (23)
Fords Letter to Grassley over the Weekend    09/24/18  (23)
XO Orrin Hatch: "Democrats pull this bullshit all the time"    09/24/18  (22)
Kav accusations ridiculous!! *uses 40 year old accusations against Bill Clinton*    09/24/18  (21)
In Iceland rn on vacation. Wtf is up with European womens eyebrows    09/24/18  (20)
Meanwhile, at the Senate Office Building    09/24/18  (20)
It seems dumb to fire Deputy AG just before midterms. What am i missing?    09/24/18  (20)
Who is this ,,,,,,^ poster he's 180 as fuck    09/24/18  (19)
so what was with all of Kav's "What happens in X stays there, lol!"    09/24/18  (18)
donny tp is a pillar of ARE community    09/24/18  (17)
Kav may be first non-Trump person to use Trumpism correctly    09/24/18  (17)
File -> Save As -> "Suicide Note.ppt"    09/24/18  (16)
YLS professors cancel class to let students protest in support of Blasey-Ford    09/24/18  (16)
What have Republicucks done since controlling the House & Senate?    09/24/18  (16)
Kavmos how we feelin    09/24/18  (15)
businesses that don't work if all the customers are jewish:    09/24/18  (15)
kavanaugh not coming off strong or angry enough in this interview    09/24/18  (13)
Best gym option for <$200 a month?    09/24/18  (13)
How much do nurses make? How about physician assistants?    09/24/18  (13)
We had a full minute of silence to support Dr. Ford    09/24/18  (13)
McCaskill, Tester, Donnelly, Manchin, Heitkamp prepping to get GAPED on Kav vote    09/24/18  (13)
what's the #metoo endgame    09/24/18  (12)
Can I actually reinvent myself or am I irreparably damaged?    09/24/18  (12)
Are we up to four accusers now?    09/24/18  (11)
Going back and reading the RS UVA Jackie...article it's hilarious anybody ever b    09/24/18  (11)
Goin' down to Pounder's gonna have myself a time    09/24/18  (11)
Fatigue, mental fog, low energy, mild depression and muscle weakness    09/24/18  (10)
I rate you as a command    09/24/18  (10)
Russia tells Israeli Air Force to prepare anus    09/24/18  (10)
Rate this escort    09/24/18  (10)
What? Your Pokemon is evolving! (McConnel transforms into blastoise)    09/24/18  (10)
Kavanaugh interview airing on Fox News tonight    09/24/18  (10)
Kavanaugh to wife: "I'm just not a sexual person anymore, ok? Shit."    09/24/18  (9)
Mainstream Media: "It's striking this man would defend himself!"    09/24/18  (9)
what is avenatti's end game    09/24/18  (9)
I like RSFs terminology: Libs are snakes    09/24/18  (9)
where is josh tp at?    09/24/18  (9)
Has avennati crawled back into his hole yet    09/24/18  (9)
moveon.org (Soros org)planning 900+rapid response protests if Rosenstein fired    09/24/18  (9)
fratty tp morosely eating texas BBQ served by cheerful blonde waitresses    09/24/18  (8)