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Where the FUCK are the mods?    08/15/18  (27)
This Duke women's soccer player sure does own a lot of different bikinis (link)    08/15/18  (23)
getting BLASTED every night on vacation    08/15/18  (18)
gf wants to blather for 20 mins every morning about her "dream" from last night    08/15/18  (17)
Men look better than women at every age.    08/15/18  (15)
So I guess this is Boner Police?    08/15/18  (15)
How hot are the women of Charleston, SC?    08/15/18  (13)
I'm a hardworking, creative self-starter who just graduated from Tufts Universit    08/15/18  (13)
petition to ban "Vincent Adultman's Futile Incel Rage " itt    08/15/18  (12)
taking ?s about the people I met in rehab    08/15/18  (11)
Just submitted my application for a police recruit here in SoCal - TCTP    08/15/18  (9)
urgently need pornography featuring the sort of women one finds in law firms    08/15/18  (8)
Omarosa is Trump's Frankenstein. He created her--and he can destroy her.    08/15/18  (8)
McKayla got back in shape for the end of summer, cot damn (link)    08/15/18  (8)
Roger Stone dresses like a black comedian    08/15/18  (8)
look at the garbage board. why were any of those threads deleted.    08/15/18  (7)
Highest Paying Jobs in the U.S.    08/15/18  (7)
lit 5 pairs of my mesh shorts on fire bros    08/15/18  (7)
some drunk 25 yr old fgts wanted to drive me home got tispy said fuck u letmeout    08/15/18  (7)
Trump doing NOTHING to back up Alex Jones    08/15/18  (6)
I don't give a damn about Conservatism. I just hate Liberals.    08/15/18  (6)
Miasma theory back in fashion as duck sauce cloud envelopes Rome    08/15/18  (6)
woke up this morning lmao about tufts    08/15/18  (6)
For first time in history more Republicans than Democrats vote in MN primary    08/15/18  (5)
*opens cryogenic storage facility for rich ppl* *dumps their bodies in furnace*    08/15/18  (5)
Daily Stoic, 8/15/18    08/15/18  (5)
the worst pain in life is watching your son grow up to be a loser    08/15/18  (5)
about to get a Wendy's single for third day in a row    08/15/18  (4)
A less obvious, more pervasive sickness that has infected Catholic seminaries:    08/15/18  (4)
can you help this young couple in Charleston, SC?    08/15/18  (4)
Developed an Excel spreadsheet which was the foundation for compiling and analyz    08/15/18  (4)
@realDonaldTrump: I was wrong to call Omarosa a dog. Dogs are LOYAL!    08/15/18  (4)
More ridiculous premise: Trump "Russia collusion" or crypto having real value?    08/15/18  (3)
DBG, i'm calling you out. that PDDJ-turdskin story is flame.    08/15/18  (3)
quit my job to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana?    08/15/18  (3)
askav tp    08/15/18  (3)
Trump calls out Crying Chuck Schumer "before he went left and haywire!"    08/15/18  (3)
Ainsle Earhardt live DNA results on FOX & Friends, discovers she's black (Video    08/15/18  (3)
THE N-TAPE IS OUT! President uses the N-word in shocking audio!    08/15/18  (3)
THEY SEE ME ROLLIN    08/15/18  (3)
They Scammed You! That Interview Was Fake !    08/15/18  (3)
Prole co-workers foolishly abuse drugs and are stunned when fired (evan39)    08/15/18  (2)
Shrews now having "wine and cheese" nights shopping for sperm donors online    08/15/18  (2)
Frog and Toad take MPA's anal virginity    08/15/18  (2)
Does anyone have Foreign Affairs account or can get & paste this essay?    08/15/18  (2)
Libs: Unless your dog consents to being pet, its rape (link)    08/15/18  (2)
Skipped lifting for a week. Did a workout, now in complete agony    08/15/18  (2)
i go to tufts. i fuck asian 4s. i post on a site with middle-aged lawyers.    08/15/18  (2)
surprise surprise josh rosen is a whiny kike who sucks at fb    08/15/18  (2)