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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
Nice cock. Mind if I pet it?    06/22/18  (3)
Philip Glass - Metamorphosis    06/22/18  (4)
Rate this tweet from author of How To Be Less Stupid About Race    06/22/18  (8)
can't even get a full scholarship from a TTT    06/22/18  (36)
Stephen Glass - Metamorphosis    06/22/18  (2)
Trump throwing Starbursts over the Wall to illegals unable to cross border    06/22/18  (2)
Are wooden shoes prestigious?    06/22/18  (5)
What should I do for my 37th birthday?    06/22/18  (42)
betty is my favourite on Riverdale even tho her back is kinda wide    06/22/18  (11)
Poll: How is your crypto bag doing?    06/22/18  (9)
180 moniker of the month: Tinder Pichai    06/22/18  (2)
Got a motion in limine today without a single cite to a legal standard or casela    06/22/18  (8)
DAT feeling of dread when you get handed the reply brief    06/22/18  (4)
Should I impregnate a 34 year old single mom?    06/22/18  (17)
Had a shitty week but at least Krauthammer died    06/22/18  (2)
British "chavs" are 10x worse than American "white trash"    06/22/18  (1)
Is it alpha to tell someone to copy you on an email chain    06/22/18  (1)
I don't watch anime but One Punch Man is 180    06/22/18  (4)
How far in advance of yearly review do you demand a promotion?    06/22/18  (1)
FBI 'Agent 5' use texted 'FUCK DRUMPF' revealed as Sally Moyer, 44.    06/22/18  (29)
wgwag    06/22/18  (1)
my buddy at Quantico says the POTUS insurrection exam was really hard    06/22/18  (7)
Ozzy Osbourne - Miracle Man.wav    06/22/18  (1)
Hey TT, how does this graph about Gen Z make you feel?    06/22/18  (67)
obama's FBI was a trainwreck    06/22/18  (1)
Hilarious video of turdskin excited about a cricket match    06/22/18  (2)
RealBBer taking a hiatus from IFNB blog (link)    06/22/18  (14)
Good Rolling Stones article on the Depp financial fiasco    06/22/18  (34)
KJU to abandon nuclear ambitions in exchange for Tiffany Trump's hand in marriag    06/22/18  (6)
Shouldn't black people support Trump on immigration    06/22/18  (73)
Prole tell: neither of your parents has a personality disorder.    06/22/18  (1)
American Diaper    06/22/18  (15)
ITT the definitive ranking of Sopranos seasons    06/22/18  (1)
20 minutes left on gunbroker auction for $2k revolver. Thinking about jumping in    06/22/18  (36)
$$$ ETH countdown crypto crash thread $$$    06/22/18  (4)
Prole Tell: Your Bed Doesn't Have Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet & Comforter    06/22/18  (84)
monica belluci hallway fire extinguisher scene is how libs felt Nov 8    06/22/18  (1)
Lol @ people who don't at least drive a subaru wrx.    06/22/18  (5)
Got an offer of almost 50K on one of Earl's referrals (CSLG)    06/22/18  (9)
tight fitted dry fit with griffey logo    06/22/18  (6)
Seeking general advice for my trip: Rome > Florence > Venice    06/22/18  (55)
This is what happens when lib ideology is confronted head on    06/22/18  (1)
just casually looking at google maps. theres no way pangea was real.    06/22/18  (16)
tctp is a US citizen and i embrace him as a brother    06/22/18  (5)
Surprise, surprise Cynthia Nixon's kid is a tranny    06/22/18  (9)
"Detention & separating children is wicked!" she tweeted moment after child care    06/22/18  (24)
Housemos: WHY IS EVERYTHING SO EXPENSIVE    06/22/18  (115)
"Luka, which is Latvian for 'Doug McDermott', & Doncic which means, 'but slower'    06/22/18  (9)
lol @ women's lil undersized brains, stewing in submissive female hormones    06/22/18  (7)
WAPO: The SPLC has lost all credibility    06/22/18  (12)
Hi I'm a dumb incel truck driver and I post here all day and YOURE low IQ    06/22/18  (1)
GS-13, MSV, PS4, MBA    06/22/18  (2)
luis' suicide letter: "Ask Binance!"    06/22/18  (7)
deep thoughts with corp slave tp    06/22/18  (5)
wtf, boss saw pic of my gf and said "oh so you like that old beat-up pussy?"    06/22/18  (1)
xo dads w/ dotters: do u want dotter to join elite sorority with hot af chicks    06/22/18  (9)
Cynthia Nixon: ICE is a terrorist org, should be abolished. Give all illegals    06/22/18  (35)
LOL@ Theresa May    06/22/18  (3)
Deport or date this Latina teen from LA NSFW    06/22/18  (20)
any decent alternatives to TOR for privacy?    06/22/18  (1)
I've done the math: 100% chance Trump defeats Hillary    06/22/18  (6)
Which societies have a strong affinity for the Rule of Law?    06/22/18  (3)
At a bar for Friday afternoon shot + beer    06/22/18  (5)
In 6 weeks this will be seen as Trump's "golden era"    06/22/18  (18)
Recommend me a patio lounge set    06/22/18  (6)
scientists prove that vaginas are 10x tighter when having sex with Chad    06/22/18  (1)
ACLU: Defense of free speech may harm our equality and justice work.    06/22/18  (25)
Latina women are significantly hornier than other races. They love to fuck.    06/22/18  (12)
NYUUG = Miss World Korea contestants buying him $$$ watches. You = post on xoxo    06/22/18  (63)
NOT ON MY WATCH    06/22/18  (2)
There are people out there still using IE8    06/22/18  (1)
Rate this Inuit legend about a mighty lake spirit    06/22/18  (15)
TRUMP: The US will not be a migrant camp. Not on my watch.    06/22/18  (55)
Democrat Party = party of the invalids    06/22/18  (1)
More alpha: Trump or Arnold?    06/22/18  (3)
if you arent unironically calling yourself a nazi now, you are insane    06/22/18  (5)
Chad giggling as he rushes to the bathroom to wash Darnells cum off his face    06/22/18  (1)
NYC man CHOPS OFF WOMAN'S ARM during furious attack; guess race:    06/22/18  (6)
sharklasers selling his virginity at a Vickery style auction during Comic-Con    06/22/18  (8)
Chad lovingly looking down on Darnell: I love when youre a slut for my cock    06/22/18  (1)
So was Claire Tommy or not?    06/22/18  (1)
RATE This E-Ring (PIC) #nutella #ironside    06/22/18  (32)
*Darnel worryingly trying to push Chads prolapsed ass back in as Chad whimpers*    06/22/18  (1)
My dad used to get loaded drunk and listen to the "Edmund Fitzgerald" on repeat    06/22/18  (1)
BIRDSHITS: do you take ANY responsibility for your SHIT existence in AMERIKKKA?    06/22/18  (58)
Why Are Prole Goy White Women OBSESSED With Furniture?    06/22/18  (75)
Henry Aaron has the strangest shtick on this board    06/22/18  (10)
Wife wants me to buy a THREE HUNDRED DOLLAR GRILL.    06/22/18  (23)
A little ditty 'bout Chad and Darnell..    06/22/18  (3)
College girls back to campus in two months    06/22/18  (1)
College football starts in two months    06/22/18  (4)
race-mixing would've been considered weird by most people throughout history    06/22/18  (42)
Anyone else spend by far most $$ on booze and food?    06/22/18  (3)
Trump parades families who were 'permanently separated' from their relatives by    06/22/18  (1)
Chandler    06/22/18  (1)
twats who wear their law firm embossed apparel in 3L classes    06/22/18  (20)
Darnell and Chad holding hands as they walk down the Left Bank    06/22/18  (1)
*Darnell gasping as Chad shoves in the seventh inch    06/22/18  (1)
Chad squeezing his legs around Darnel as Darnel pounds away    06/22/18  (2)
jews think being abrasive and neurotic gives them a "personality" LMAO    06/22/18  (12)
ITT poast imgurs of ladies' soapy bottoms    06/22/18  (182)
a certain "chill" type of daily six figure fluctuation in net worth    06/22/18  (34)
White women celebrate national parks by dancing near giant cacti    06/22/18  (12)
"tell me abt litigation", ur dotter's hot sorority sister asked u at fam wkend    06/22/18  (3)
I had an abysmal 12-41 (W-L) record at Lincoln-Douglas tournaments in HS    06/22/18  (3)
i hate when med mal defense counsel tries to act like they arent shitlaw    06/22/18  (2)
azn guy saying Bill Burr    06/22/18  (1)
FRIDAY NIGHT 80's MUSIC THREAD    06/22/18  (127)
PDDJ: *sprouts 8 arms like Krishnah to jerk off 8 Indian cocks*    06/22/18  (43)
summon: BOOM    06/22/18  (1)
When I read about people dying taking selfies, it's off-the-charts Darwinian    06/22/18  (2)
Benzo, do u ever ask for a kosher meal in prison so u get better quality food?    06/22/18  (1)
I was outed. That doesn't mean I will retire, or go cry like a pussy (WMTP)    06/22/18  (27)
Serious Q: Why are soccer players such flopping pussy faggots?    06/22/18  (19)
"And your cum shall flow mightily like the Ganges" said PDDJ gripping turdcock    06/22/18  (25)
Kindle Unlimited is a fraud    06/22/18  (2)
"Before sex," she slid her hips back, "Need to know you find Mike Pence offensiv    06/22/18  (8)
Peterman breaking down like Vietnam vet with PTSD when he hears the word "eth"    06/22/18  (1)
New Yorks Elite Girls Schools Are Starting to Admit Transgender Students    06/22/18  (7)
Prole Tell: Claiming To Be An Appellate Lawyer & Not Knowing Red/Blue Brief    06/22/18  (14)
Peterman, as ETH crashes, took a turn off onto the highway he hadn't used    06/22/18  (1)
imo high spatial IQ is a nominally white high test low e trait    06/22/18  (29)
Auschwitz had a swimming pool, bakery, post office. Hey could u pass the gravy    06/22/18  (87)
Sim glitch: Austin and Charlotte have more people than Atlanta    06/22/18  (4)
Is XO overstating how tough it is for Asians to get into HUG?    06/22/18  (11)
even if trump loses he did all a service destroying the facade of objective msm    06/22/18  (5)
irish people look whiter, but are italians a more impressive people?    06/22/18  (5)
In MFH mid July. For work but bringing wyfe. What to do?    06/22/18  (3)
Summon:Tamerlane    06/22/18  (44)
so illegal immigrant child detention centers have lazy rivers and xboxes?    06/22/18  (10)
Is Miami the biggest US city with ZERO asians?    06/22/18  (9)
Prole tell: Claiming to be a playa but I fucked your wife    06/22/18  (1)
Megyn Kelly is half italian and Joe Montana is half sicilian    06/22/18  (3)
TT: has never won a trial. Me: current 2 trial winning streak.    06/22/18  (24)
Writing an appellate brief and listening to Big Black "Songs about Fucking" cr?    06/22/18  (15)
Homos: WHY IS EVERYTHING SO EXPENSIVE    06/22/18  (1)
Liquidator of Israeli company investigated by Mueller moves to wipe hard drives    06/22/18  (7)
Rate Asian Trumpmo's FB posts    06/22/18  (4)
Trumptard pasttimes: Abusing little children,hunting innocent animals, polluting    06/22/18  (7)
where do american whites stand on the wypipo hierarchy?    06/22/18  (2)
NHL DRAFT TONIGHT    06/22/18  (2)
Dogs bark at black people bc they know what's up    06/22/18  (3)
Mom I don't even have a DS! All of the kids have a 3DS now!    06/22/18  (1)
Netanyahu's wife charged with fraud for spending taxpayer $$ on gourmet meals    06/22/18  (15)
lawman8 retired and gave his account to another poaster    06/22/18  (4)
tamerlane on the painstaking nature of 'high quality racism'    06/22/18  (8)
Do you agree with the moral premise that whites deserve their own country?    06/22/18  (1)
Tony Soprano doesnt have a lot of chintzy stuff in his house    06/22/18  (40)
name areas in America that have aesthetically appealing architecture. Not many    06/22/18  (13)
This Bloodsport clip is how I imagine TT getting clowned on by a white American    06/22/18  (19)

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