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STICKY: New account requests   03/18/18  (169)
The favorite guns of Chicago criminals    03/18/18  (7)
Crypto "market cap" went from 830 billion 4 weeks ago to 460 billion now    03/18/18  (13)
And then *BAM* crypto inexplicably mooned hard again, crossing the $1T mark    03/18/18  (2)
Wife told me she is happy other woman in the house hears her sex screams    03/18/18  (18)
Television is quickly becoming irrelevant    03/18/18  (14)
Is meditation a legitimate alternative to marijuana?    03/18/18  (8)
Lmao at cornered rat Trump's latest tweet    03/18/18  (26)
Ur dad: "He's probably too busy to talk, I won't call him..." U: *poasting on xo    03/18/18  (8)
Midlaw partner making ~500k/yr. what do with life? litigation is fucking awful    03/18/18  (51)
american crime story: menendez bros, chris dorner......nah let's do liberace    03/18/18  (1)
Could wmtp suck me off to completion twice in 7 minutes?    03/18/18  (7)
Bought big ass box of matzo bread and crate of grape juice    03/18/18  (4)
Cr foods other than Ramen for crypto poormos?    03/18/18  (1)
But they had a nice website and some Youtube videos! Why is the currency crashin    03/18/18  (1)
The BEST part about the crypto crash is short quotemo getting pwned    03/18/18  (62)
Peter Thiel: "Our greatest political problem is the problem of political correct    03/18/18  (3)
Wmtp was homeschooled by illiterate niggers    03/18/18  (3)
Do ppl in warmer climates have less home maintenance? Homes age slower?    03/18/18  (18)
Cr to try to cop addy script    03/18/18  (7)
Well on the plus side crypto made us realize there r things more impt than money    03/18/18  (6)
Crypto owners - if you dont take this action now, you will regret it rest of lif    03/18/18  (5)
*short quotemo becoming even more constipated as lawman fucks his shit in*    03/18/18  (1)
Seriously though, the DNC murdered Seth Rich, right?    03/18/18  (4)
What percentage of men can deadlift 500 lbs?    03/18/18  (59)
Rate this $1.4 million home in Kenilworth, IL    03/18/18  (7)
WW2 being cast as freedom vs tyranny is GIANT lie by the left    03/18/18  (1)
Need help, took out HELOC to buy bitcoin @ $19k, wife is asking where $ is    03/18/18  (26)
Is your spin class too young, too thin and too white?    03/18/18  (3)
lulzy that "skinny quotemo" is an irl fatass with perpetual constipation    03/18/18  (4)
Have you ever been to a spin class? What's the draw?    03/18/18  (1)
Rank these low-cost Asian airlines: Firefly, AirAsia, Scoot    03/18/18  (4)
Could you run a mile right now in under 7 minutes? No bullshitting.    03/18/18  (68)
looks like im not going to maek it after all and my greed ruined my life lmao    03/18/18  (19)
Started "pot shaming" people IRL - it's 180    03/18/18  (45)
Does stoicism have any theological commitments?    03/18/18  (5)
If 50 people post ITT I will share my strategy for bitcoin    03/18/18  (1)
Just bought 1000 (30K) XZC, taking qs    03/18/18  (1)
Can't believe the degree to which that quotemo was right about "arkan"    03/18/18  (37)
"clean white retard" is a coward, bans you from tinychat so he can doobs in peac    03/18/18  (42)
LMAO at Ben Affleck and his Napoleon Dynamite-esque tattoos    03/18/18  (16)
Video: Redneck tells dumb blonde trying to merge "lol eat this!"    03/18/18  (339)
The Band ft. Peterman - Up On Crypto Creek (Live at Flying J Wichita)    03/18/18  (28)
the charlie daniels band - trucker went down to florida.mp3    03/18/18  (7)
Rand Paul to give side eye to Trump if he fires Mueller.    03/18/18  (1)
Xi Jinping: "lmao earl bought into this shit? sell everything"    03/18/18  (22)
Rate this 29-year old curvy model married to a fitness chad (XO Daily Mail)    03/18/18  (14)
a certain "chill" type of daily six figure fluctuation in net worth    03/18/18  (20)
anhedonic substance abusing xo posters    03/18/18  (8)
Porno should be made illegal, distributors and producers should be arrested    03/18/18  (17)
Elderly Florida woman has been using same dishrag since 1977 (video)    03/18/18  (3)
anyone know someone with a pit bull?    03/18/18  (4)
srs q: at what point did you realize your child and wife/gf was a mirror of    03/18/18  (7)
What are your expensive hobbies?    03/18/18  (103)
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke isnt taking Rep Colleen Hanabusa's lib bullshit    03/18/18  (3)
"clean white retard" sounds like a fob east euro plumber    03/18/18  (27)
You guys w millions in crypto "earnings"--why dont you just cash out, chill.    03/18/18  (52)
ETH bounced back uphard $496 -> $515    03/18/18  (7)
Rach can we get an update on that whole "pulling the plug forever" project?    03/18/18  (2)
How are your brackets doing?    03/18/18  (8)
xo is in its Season 29 of the Simpsons days    03/18/18  (5)
A mechanical animal with a humorous cartoon face    03/18/18  (1)
Zizek repairing your Yugo GV in 1987 rambling about "ideology"    03/18/18  (9)
Rate this Indian model    03/18/18  (19)
at what age did you become a joyless faggot? what triggered it?    03/18/18  (3)
ITT poasters share their stories about getting cuties DICK DRUNK    03/18/18  (105)
Stephen Hawking using your wife's vag as analogy to explain expanding universe    03/18/18  (17)
Hey tinychatters in XOAPES2: you are being doobsed by "clean white retard"    03/18/18  (9)
st. patrick's day is completely degenerate and should be banned    03/18/18  (12)
Wilbur Mercer, how/why do you think porno became so prevalent in our society    03/18/18  (3)
RealTak: the new and improved CryptoPIGlet is a 180 top poster rn    03/18/18  (18)
ONE SET OF FOOTPRINTS: I walked around fucking IGWC in a full nelson    03/18/18  (44)
Koreans are fucking weird (nyuug, jjc, the vtech shooter)    03/18/18  (17)
Didn't realize rach stopped allowing new accounts. Board is gonna die yo.    03/18/18  (21)
If you had to compete with Amazon on a product and service line, wut do?    03/18/18  (1)
Do any joyless faggots poast here?    03/18/18  (7)
Cernovich: Sessions isn't firing McCabe    03/18/18  (16)
prince tp messing with clean white retard's head w/o even doing anything    03/18/18  (30)
Donald trump is a dialectical mfe (WSJ)    03/18/18  (4)
Reminder: RSF outed tons of posters using his confirmed alts    03/18/18  (9)
Libertarian Party tweets support of Anti-Gun School Walkout    03/18/18  (3)
chances trump becomes potus?    03/18/18  (2)
Unsaid truth beneath the surface: everyone on both sides of ETH is a yuge faggot    03/18/18  (19)
how do you like your eggs?    03/18/18  (14)
Remember that Dallas cop shooting?    03/18/18  (44)
a pale irish girl, boiling potatoes for an asian man at breakfas    03/18/18  (266)
....#NotMe.... :( :( :(    03/18/18  (1)
Could you run a mile right now in under 10 minutes? No bullshitting.    03/18/18  (48)
OBGYNs have higher cancer death rates than all other doctors (Nature) (link)    03/18/18  (2)
*methed out IGWC going to town on RSF's big, hairy, Jewish vagina*    03/18/18  (10)
V5 senior associate, lateral to lower-ranked firm or stay put?    03/18/18  (28)
The media just can't resist hyping the Yellowstone Supervolcano - link    03/18/18  (1)
we need to blanket airwaves w/ PSA's about cancerous lethality of womens vaginas    03/18/18  (5)
Nothing in the rules says Mueller CAN'T have USA for SDNY charge Kushner/Ivanka    03/18/18  (8)
Putin "that Jew Yavlinsky is still alive?"    03/18/18  (1)
If ETH hits $888 by 4/1/18 I will give 14 ETH to 88 XO poasters    03/18/18  (7)
140IQ min. to begin to grasp spaceporn shtick    03/18/18  (46)
any man who eats pussy in 2018 is officially a "bugchaser"    03/18/18  (2)
horse faced Mormon housewife with a 9.5 body    03/18/18  (3)
daily reminder: RSF outed both JJC and PN using his "CryptoPIGlet" alt    03/18/18  (74)
Reminder - i called peterman losing all his money in march    03/18/18  (2)
You're Old: Remember when Zizek wrote for an Abercrombie Catalog?    03/18/18  (2)
Russian election results coming in right now, bros    03/18/18  (1)
CharlesXII drawing the Battle of Austerlitz on napkins for his date    03/18/18  (172)
Stephen Hawking dropping into a halfpipe as 311 - Come Original plays    03/18/18  (31)
diverse America: buildings/bridges collapsing, planes falling out of sky, anarch    03/18/18  (2)
fuckboy 'bro culture' of suspension cables caused Fla bridge collapse (NYT)    03/18/18  (4)
zizek on hot mic, breaking schtick: 'who the fuck knows, lol.. yeah, me either.'    03/18/18  (6)
Any DTJ musbros been to Kosovo? Chill place?    03/18/18  (23)
zizek heads circling u like shells in mario kart saying "ideology" in monotone    03/18/18  (5)
Are there some fields deemed too important for affirmative action?    03/18/18  (22)
Charles do you still fast ?    03/18/18  (19)
1st female f-16 pilot crashing into all-female engineered suspension bridge fore    03/18/18  (1)
Death of Iran's Nuclear Deal Could Set OIL BULLS Loose (Bloomberg)    03/18/18  (6)
ITT: I give you two 35 year old women. You tell me which one you'd date.    03/18/18  (170)
alcoholic nigger is a rat who is spinning    03/18/18  (1)
all bridges engineered by women/minorities MUST have signage posted to warn    03/18/18  (1)
Prior to entering the NFL, CGI Joker allegedly entered Frozen Elsa's dorm    03/18/18  (8)
Only 30% of men in history have successfully reproduced versus 80% of women    03/18/18  (21)
Are Toronto and Vancouver good cities.to spend 2-3 years before 30?    03/18/18  (14)
Video of Chomsky lapping Zizek on Mario Kart 64    03/18/18  (32)
DTP taking questions here    03/18/18  (19)
All-Women Engineering Team Blamed for Collapse of Miami Pedestrian Bridge    03/18/18  (13)
Tomi Lahren says it's time to fire Mueller.    03/18/18  (16)
You have cancer, 1 year max to live. $250k to split bw family, poasting, travel,    03/18/18  (20)
My new thing -posts where girls are visibly ripping/trolling    03/18/18  (3)
Ukrainian pilot who Putin blamed for MH-17 shootdown magically killself    03/18/18  (1)
My new thing - porn where girls are visibly tripping/rolling    03/18/18  (79)
So entire ETH market is being propped up by long term cap gains holding?    03/18/18  (1)
Prole tell: asking for chopsticks at a Thai restaurant    03/18/18  (28)
If Muller proves Collusion I will give .120 BTC each to first 120 poasters ITT    03/18/18  (3)
Teens IUD pops out while getting rammed by monster BBC    03/18/18  (1)
Rod Rosenstein promoted to head of VA --> Jeanine Pirro to deputy AG --> seal    03/18/18  (1)
Rod Rosenstein promoted to head of VA.    03/18/18  (2)
when will skrillex sample or collaborate with zizek    03/18/18  (11)
Being young, rich and single in NYC is the best lifestyle in the USA    03/18/18  (2)
Crypto cucks: u guys realize how worthless it all is right? (DTP)    03/18/18  (21)
damn guess crypto is done time to cash out, call it a "lyfe"    03/18/18  (1)
Luis please cash out man    03/18/18  (15)
*logs into binance* *lets out scream like beginning of Angel of Death*    03/18/18  (1)
I've decided to take the plunge and finally get a "dumb goy" credit card    03/18/18  (5)
I told you crypto boys to cash out and get into options ASAP    03/18/18  (3)
This crash is for the altcoin shillers who thought they could step to BTC (DTP)    03/18/18  (2)
Has paid Kremlin agent Glenn Greenwald tweeted abt Russian hacking US grid?    03/18/18  (20)
post BOLD and COUNTERINTUITIVE predictions re 2018 MLB season    03/18/18  (5)
Democrats tap CGI Joker to defeat Trump in 2020, entire debate he just laffs    03/18/18  (31)
Atlanta Fed predicting 5.6 GDP growth in Q1 2018. Libs?    03/18/18  (9)
My gf dumped me because my magnesium levels came back too low ...    03/18/18  (5)
After reading mean tweets about himself, Sadiq Khan vows more hate speech laws    03/18/18  (3)
not flame judge just invalidated 8k Allegheny votes, which means Saccone wins!!    03/18/18  (3)

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