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STICKY: New account requests   04/09/18  (203)
i cant believe we let minorities and women vote not flame    04/19/18  (19)
Jewish women are living embodiments of death    04/19/18  (19)
Chick biglaw senior associate taking questions for the first time    04/19/18  (22)
Rosenstein told Trump last week he isnt a target of any part of Muellers investi    04/19/18  (24)
SPIN | RAT | FUCKS    04/19/18  (2)
How will (((they))) deal with black counter-semites?    04/19/18  (5)
If you're honest, Trump is fucking weird    04/19/18  (27)
Estimate the T levels of these two vegan superstars (instagram)    04/19/18  (24)
Gorsuchs Good Opinion - Trumps nominee protects liberty like Scalia would have    04/19/18  (5)
more prestigious: Wharton finance or HUG econ?    04/19/18  (8)
want to go solo but my clients keep sending me tons of work I can't do by myself    04/19/18  (2)
Someone unpack the Corey Wayne obsession on XO before I spend time reading this    04/19/18  (20)
"Not in the hair," Peterman pleaded to the trucker. "What hair," the trucker guf    04/19/18  (64)
Best Regards    04/19/18  (1)
Kill everyone that lied to you from beginning and you bought their lies    04/19/18  (2)
why the fuck were lance armstrong's teams sponsored by USPS. waste of taxpayer $    04/19/18  (2)
Google: "Explore global search trends for MeToo"    04/19/18  (2)
*Peterman scaling a chain link fence on bath salts like psycho marmoset*    04/19/18  (1)
"be gentle, this is my first time" (PDDJ lied as the marathis entered both holes    04/19/18  (13)
xo is a haven of sanity, screamed the mentally ill autist clitdicks    04/19/18  (2)
*Bad Girls, Donna Summer plays during montage of Petermans prostitution arrests*    04/19/18  (4)
DBG's wife yelping like his faggot dog as three smelly turdskins hammer every ho    04/19/18  (24)
WSJ: FBI completes investigation of hours padding at major law firms    04/19/18  (44)
Just Say No (to Immigrants)    04/19/18  (1)
Should i hold ~10% bonds in my long term portfolio? or fuck bonds    04/19/18  (34)
I dont want any more Muslims here    04/19/18  (22)
DESCRIBE features of houses you love    04/19/18  (141)
how do women's frail, anemic little bodies even stay alive?    04/19/18  (1)
In all srsness what prevents you from killing yourselves?    04/19/18  (19)
The Dick Spencer / Hotep Jesus "debate" .. coming SOON!    04/19/18  (1)
amazing how small a bag of spinach is once you cook it    04/19/18  (3)
Proles Love planning group trips    04/19/18  (23)
Major prole tell: kicking your kids out of the house at 18    04/19/18  (4)
I want to kill everyone that told me to go to grad school    04/19/18  (22)
I think about killing shitpits a lot    04/19/18  (41)
PSA: Ben Simmons (6'10, 240) is going to be better than Lebron    04/19/18  (63)
"spin, rat fucks" said RSF shaking his booby tassles in the mirror    04/19/18  (1)
Driving to get coffee and not flame just LOLed at Obamas non-presidency    04/19/18  (13)
Being human is actually quite a boring affair    04/19/18  (25)
jfc life is really great right    04/19/18  (12)
Reincarnation is the single dumbest thing humans have come up with on their own    04/19/18  (22)
how dumb is your father for marrying/fucking your mother?    04/19/18  (20)
Literally only thing I care about is money    04/19/18  (15)
Theres no bigger flame on earth than the importance of family    04/19/18  (32)
No gambling taxe$ out$ide of the US no state tax in Nevada    04/19/18  (1)
The most prestigious prefrontal cortex damage discussion board in the world    04/19/18  (12)
MoreDoughHi: Who is this fucking moron?    04/19/18  (20)
#1 Prole Tell of All Time: Having Hope    04/19/18  (14)
ITT list the loneliest thing you do    04/19/18  (165)
Literally every line of dialogue in Big Lebowski is quotable    04/19/18  (220)
Anyone ever hear a guy kill himself on a conference call?    04/19/18  (21)
Your depression and self-loathing will never alleviate on its own    04/19/18  (18)
Is there a spiritual form of suicide that is also right hand/light path?    04/19/18  (30)
theres literally no where else to go on the internet    04/19/18  (11)
Any chance for a early 30's to press hard RESET BUTTON on life?    04/19/18  (79)
Crypto is legit fucking retarded trash    04/19/18  (27)
guy i know randomly finds shitpits without collars and 'takes care of them'    04/19/18  (32)
Azns and Jews are worshipping offworld technological entities    04/19/18  (2)
jews,turds, chinks, irish, italians, nog: all UNDESIRABLE gene lines    04/19/18  (3)
fuck Jews, Ill settle for gassing all people that actually love their jobs    04/19/18  (7)
Someone please explain how god, marriage and love arent manufactured by humans?    04/19/18  (16)
Its a wierd sensation when you come across a kid's cheery lost toy in a parking    04/19/18  (6)
Literally cant think of one fucking thing worth living for    04/19/18  (26)
MFH = Kike Ant Farm    04/19/18  (10)
Tired of the Jew bashing here    04/19/18  (7)
itt list habits i can pick up to kill me sooner    04/19/18  (14)
*hands you a genetic lineage of mental illness and regret* - your ancestry    04/19/18  (4)
Which redpilling red pilled the fuck out of you?    04/19/18  (14)
How smart really are Orangutans? can we put them to work? SrsQ    04/19/18  (18)
anyone else thing weed liberalization has been a disaster?    04/19/18  (1)
Which act of hooked nosed thieving kikedom redpilled you on jews?    04/19/18  (22)
I want to take a 8ft long shit    04/19/18  (14)
Jews are like a poisonous layer of ozone to other humans    04/19/18  (6)
Family, relationships, marriage: All 100% Flame    04/19/18  (19)
What books red pilled the shit out of you?    04/19/18  (88)
REALTORS should be lined up in the streets and shot in the face    04/19/18  (37)
How do you get through the pain of knowing theres no God?    04/19/18  (52)
Trump Twitter: "Jeb embarrassed his mom's legacy at funeral. Cried like a baby!"    04/19/18  (3)
Make no mistake, life is absolute fucking hell    04/19/18  (92)
Send all Niggers to Starbucks    04/19/18  (4)
how come nobody told me relationships and marriage are absolute flame?!?    04/19/18  (21)
Lets see Paul Allens Binance portfolio    04/19/18  (2)
*Cave man Peterman to other cave men: "Me do it like girl in back side hole."    04/19/18  (1)
Back to FEARING the PROSPECT of going SOLO    04/19/18  (62)
Firm email: We will be hosting Scholastic Book Fair in conference room Friday    04/19/18  (20)
What Do The Lufthansa First Class Duck And JJC Have In Common? #rsf    04/19/18  (3)
20% OFF @ Bald Beady & Beyond. Flying J or Online - LOOK INSIDE    04/19/18  (4)
PDDJ's Mom MAF, Called Me "Mean & Vindictive" re Dyke Wedding Planner Review    04/19/18  (82)
IDF troops fight terrorists while DBG sucks Raju's cum from wife's gaping ass    04/19/18  (7)
LMAO my boipussy came back and I never had HIV at all    04/19/18  (1)
*Prajeek removes his cock from PDDJ's asshole and inserts directly into DBG's mo    04/19/18  (15)
DBG preparing Rajma masala while a gang of turdskins grunt & moan in next room    04/19/18  (17)
Jews, why did you operate the African slave trade?    04/19/18  (19)
OMG it's Jerzday!!! #Jersey Shore    04/19/18  (11)
A certain chill fratty instinctual aversion to everything that exists    04/19/18  (1)
Lufthansa First Class Duck Wearing A Swastika (PIC) #rsf #ironside    04/19/18  (12)
LMAO my biopsy came back and I never had HPV at all    04/19/18  (11)
Non-retarded XO: views re: impact of bitcoin futures on spot price?    04/19/18  (3)
yep, just keep doing the thing you hate and you'll be fine    04/19/18  (1)
dad secretly came to my house and cleaned up my yard when i was on vacation    04/19/18  (38)
RATE This Lufthansa First Class Duck Showing Cleavage (PIC) #ironside #rsf    04/19/18  (5)
Youre an idiot if ur not stealing money from govt in form of degrees, studentlo    04/19/18  (14)
Can I be honest? I give up    04/19/18  (28)
Worried theres no end to my hatred for Jews    04/19/18  (4)
Make Money. Die.    04/19/18  (8)
I genuinely dont think women or any male under 30 should be allowed to vote    04/19/18  (27)
garbage hell life    04/19/18  (14)
I blame libs for making us elect Trump    04/19/18  (30)
Susanna Hoffs from the 80s band The Bangles is fucking HOT    04/19/18  (13)
Post a SINGLE picture of your dream home itt, others rate.    04/19/18  (42)
biggest sluts in xo universe: 1. PDDJ 2. Peterman 3. Doobs 4. Box?    04/19/18  (8)
Lufthansa First Class Duck Honors African Migrants (PIC) #ironside #rsf    04/19/18  (1)
Nothing you write here matters as your just a chip in a kike casino    04/19/18  (4)
rate the virility of this creature    04/19/18  (1)
saw guy at gym with block-letter t-shirt that said "ASS FAGGOT"    04/19/18  (3)
Trump emulates the writing style of our Founders    04/19/18  (1)
Into My Endzone! Sports and the Territorial Vulva by Professor Nancy    04/19/18  (3)
Rate Dua Lipa in a bikini    04/19/18  (1)
Cuomo: Im undocumented, I dare you to deport me (link)    04/19/18  (6)
hey boner im canceling my date and getting chikfila    04/19/18  (3)
Lufthansa First Class Duck Wearing Hijab For Ramadan 2018 (PIC) #rsf #ironside    04/19/18  (3)
What was your biggest act of SELF DECEPTION that you fully realized?    04/19/18  (2)
Multiple Police Shot in Florida    04/19/18  (3)
Men arrested at Starbucks there for meeting hoping to change 'our lives'    04/19/18  (3)
Prole tell: Not having an ancestral home out in the country, in family 200+ year    04/19/18  (5)
Rate this 900k fixer upper in San Jose    04/19/18  (1)
life is a nonstop hell without family money    04/19/18  (2)
Im unbelievably handsome.    04/19/18  (1)
Why do alcoholics hate weed so much???    04/19/18  (18)
We need to start killing people with family money in mass droves    04/19/18  (1)
married bros, how much tolerance do you have for getting screamed at by wife?    04/19/18  (83)
RSF, AA Married Segment Award Inventory Is Total Fraudlies    04/19/18  (14)
the left has already won thats why their manufactured protests are annoying    04/19/18  (1)
Halford to army of Doobses and Peterbois : TONIGHT YOU WILL TASTE MAN FLESH    04/19/18  (17)
Whole world is $cam/lie$ to $ell $hit    04/19/18  (1)
living with a women is like living with a bunch of old dicks and cumloads    04/19/18  (2)
Should I buy a bunch of infowars supplements and then kill myself?    04/19/18  (3)
In any culture war event, has XO ever taken the side against racists?    04/19/18  (33)
RigDaddy Rach, adding "Locate LotLizard" search to track Peterboi and Doobs    04/19/18  (6)
Rate this glowing CNN profile of an American ISIS bride    04/19/18  (8)
CNN BREAKING NEWS: Trump UNLIKELY but POSSIBLY compromised by Russia (Comey)    04/19/18  (1)
"For u this is just agood time but for me ths is what I call life" sang Peterman    04/19/18  (6)
I mean its beamed out all over the damn place *cripple peterman mimicking a bj*    04/19/18  (5)
it's crazy how we just tolerate women wearing skintight clothes, thrusting ass    04/19/18  (1)

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