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McCabe is SUING the FBI and DoJ for wrongful termination. Its over, Trumpcucks.

Ousted FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe is SUING the bureau...

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Date: June 13th, 2018 11:44 AM
Author: animeboi

Ousted FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe is SUING the bureau and the Justice Department as he claims they refused to show him documents about his firing

McCabe's lawyers charge DoJ isn't making public the policies used to fire him out of fear the materials could be used against him

The lawsuit signals McCabe is trying to clear his name in court even as he faces a possible criminal probe into whether he intentionally misled investigators

The suit comes ahead of a Justice Department inspector general report expected to criticize senior FBI officials, including McCabe, for their actions during the Hillary Clinton email investigation

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe on March 16, less than two days before his scheduled retirement


This is the most corrupt administration in history and will go down in flames. Avenge Comey.